Open spaces in Doxey and Castletown are disappearing fast with housing development and new roads either planned or being built. So how about a new local nature reserve?

11 November 2018

The area next to the Universal factory is ‘waterlogged’ for much of the year so is not suitable for development. It is home to a wide range of species and herons regularly use it. The factory site will be redeveloped to make way for the new Western Access road so this is a good time to try and protect one of our few remaining open spaces.

Tony Pearce (Green Party candidate for Doxey and Castletown) said:

“It’s an ideal site for a nature reserve, it’s already teeming with life and we need to protect our green spaces” Let’s propose it as a local nature reserve! We are going to push this forward, but need your help and support if we are to succeed. We are launching an online petition about this, so we need you to like it, sign it and share it"

Wildlife Reserve for Doxey

In other news in the area a parking ban has been introduced where Spruce Way runs parallel to Doxey Road. This is to prevent those from off the estate using it as a car park and blocking residents’ drives in the process. This follows the item in our last newsletter where we pointed out that the County Council were not responding to the requests from the Residents Association to do something. Work is due to start soon on the Rugby Club pitch and clubhouse. It seems that Lord Stafford is taking on the building for the Rugby Club so any issues about noise or traffic should be directed to his office on 01782 796334.

There have also been further cust to Doxey Primary School. Like most other schools in Stafford, Doxey Primary will lose money in real terms under the latest funding allocation from the Government. According to the website it will have lost over £40,000 in real terms by 2020. Schools have enough problems without having to scrimp and save to maintain staffing levels. Although the Borough Council is not responsible for education, we will be making this an issue in the Borough elections as the Conservatives have to accept responsibility for letting our children down.

There is also good news regarding the Doxey Hub in that, after our last newsletter pointing out the pity that this building has been empty for so long, Clarion, the owners, have come to an agreement with a group made up of the Signpost Centre, YouthNet, Rising Brook church and Doxey Church to run the centre. It will be good to see the Hub in use again.

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