Greens pledge to focus investment in local services to help reduce crime

24 April 2021

The Green Party has pledged to invest in local services as part of a shift away from the government’s current criminal justice system and towards community-based policing in order to reduce the amount of crime.

Greens call for greater financial support for independent businesses

18 April 2021

The Green Party has called on the government to provide more financial support for independent businesses by reversing its decision to stop Covid- related business rate appeals and extend the business rate holiday and current tourism VAT cut through 2021.

Greens demand government invests in sustainable farming methods ahead of COP

10 April 2021

The Green Party is urging the government to invest in farming systems to minimise the agriculture sector’s carbon footprint and limit the damage done to wildlife.

Greens urge shakeup of disastrous test and trace system

03 April 2021

The Green Party has called on the government to decentralise its calamitous test and trace system and hand over control of the system to local authorities.

Greens will fight for Green recovery from the coronavirus pandemic across the country

26 March 2021

The Green Party has pledged to fight for a Green Recovery from the coronavirus pandemic by providing good quality, sustainable jobs for communities across England and Wales.

Greens support call for ‘State of Nature’ amendment in Environment Bill

20 March 2021

“We live in one of the most nature-depleted nations in the world, with 15% of our species on the brink of extinction and just under half of UK wildlife in long term decline. Now more than ever, the government must listen to these demands and protect the natural world they are failing so badly.”

Road building and airport expansion must be scrapped say Greens

14 March 2021

In order to limit air pollution to healthy levels there needs to be a radical overhaul in the transport sector. The Greens would revolutionise transport by ending the dependence on carbon, using clean energy alternatives and investing in public transport to get people out of cars and onto trains and buses.

The ‘build back better budget’? .... I don’t think so!

13 March 2021

Environmental campaigners and analysts described the measures announced in the budget as a, “drop in the ocean”, compared to what is needed to address the climate crisis. Summed up with the government’s commitment to open a coal mine in Cumbria, mining coking coal to go to Europe.

Greens demand VAT for retrofit is cut to ensure warmer homes for communities

06 March 2021

The Green Party is calling on the government to cut VAT for refurbishment and retrofitting works to lower energy consumption and ensure everybody has access to a warm home.

Help this Bill get through

27 February 2021

The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill would ensure that the UK, ‘plays its fair and proper role’ in limiting global temperatures to 1.5 by taking account of the UKs entire carbon footprint, including consumption emissions released overseas as a result of goods manufactured abroad for use in the UK in doing so this would actively improve the natural world by protecting and restoring the UKs ecosystems and ending the damage to nature caused by supply chains.

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