When will we ever learn to protect our oceans?

08 June 2019

The intensive nature of fish farming necessitates overcrowding of sea ‘cages’, which results in excrement and waste escaping into the surrounding sea, contaminating the area. There are continuing problems tackling parasitic sea lice which attach themselves to the skin of the fish and can be transferred to passing wild salmon and little progress has been made in tackling environmental problems since 2002, that is 16 years ago.

Can you beelieve it?

01 June 2019

Bees have been pollinating flowers for 120 million or more years; they’re extremely good at it. The idea that we could build something anywhere near as amazing, environmentally friendly and cost-effective is ridiculous.

Greens Win Council Seat!

03 May 2019

With a huge 58.8% of the vote, Tony Pearce wins the Doxey & Castletown council seat for the Greens.

Canvassing with Amelia Womack

24 April 2019

Amelia Womack visits Stafford to join us canvassing ahead of the council elections.

End of the Line

10 April 2019

The species of bluefin tuna most endangered are the Atlantic and the Pacific bluefin. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization they are victims of rampant over- fishing and weak international regulations. Some research by marine conservationists indicates that the bluefin population is about 15% of its historic baseline and that this figure is probably too rosy; where once 100 fish survived, only 3 remain.

I would like to raise a glass to Polly Higgins

06 April 2019

Polly Higgins is a fifty-year-old barrister who has been diagnosed with aggressive cancer and has just weeks to live. Although that is tragic, that is not why I want to pay tribute to her, it is because she has spent the last ten years drafting model laws to show what the crime of ecocide would look like and how they could be used effectively in an international court to hold governments and corporates to account for the deliberate destruction of the natural world and our life-sustaining systems.

Public Transport Helps People & The Planet

12 March 2019

Global warming is happening faster than thought and pollution from vehicles is at dangerous levels in many places. Meanwhile loneliness and isolation are major underlying causes of illness among older people especially – yet local bus services are being slashed, thus encouraging additional car journeys and causing congestion increases in towns like Stafford.

‘You are never too small to make a difference.’ Greta Thunberg

02 March 2019

In 2015 the Welsh Assembly passed the Well-being of Future Generations Act so making Wales the first legislature in the world to enshrine in law a duty on public bodies to safeguard the well-being of stakeholders who have not yet been born.

Fashion Sense

23 February 2019

The Paris fashion show will soon be upon us and the spring colours and designs will soon be in the shops. Millions of shoppers will be throwing out the old to bring in the new, even if the ‘old’ has only been worn a few times or even not at all.

Do you think Davos will make a difference?

16 February 2019

Davos, the Swiss ski resort, has just hosted the 48 th World Economic Forum. It is, so the strapline says, ‘Committed to Improving the State of the World’. In the eyes of its critics it is, ‘a family reunion for the people who broke the world’.

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