Protected species? Don’t make me laugh!

20 January 2019

At the end of 2018, just as the number of food banks was at its height, the government had spent £50 million of public money on killing badgers, a protected species.

A Green Future

01 January 2019

In January last year the government launched its 25-year plan for the environment entitled ‘A Green Future’. It is ram-jam full of laudable intentions and totally lacking in substance.

Doxey - A New Nature Reserve

11 November 2018

Open spaces in Doxey and Castletown are disappearing fast with housing development and new roads either planned or being built. So how about a new local nature reserve?

Helping Nature to Flourish

08 November 2018

Sustainability Matters Local Seminar

Litter Picks

07 August 2018

Helping keep Stafford & Stone Clean & Tidy

Stone Greens

14 July 2018

Stone Establishes a Green Voice

Castle View Play Area

25 April 2015

Residents of Castle View are losing patience with the dispute between the Borough Council and Redrow who developed the site

Clean Up The Crossings

09 April 2015

The crossings development was completed and signed off quite some time ago, and the developer, contracted out the maintenance to a third party – Greenbelt Maintenance. One would expect this to mean that the bins get emptied, the green space is well maintained and when things get broken, they are fixed in good time.

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