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Stafford & Stone Green Party

We are the local Green Party for the Stafford Borough area, including Stone, Eccleshall, Barlaston, Hopton, Hixon and the Haywoods to the East and surrounding area.

We believe in working closely with the local community to find out what matters to them and what they want their representatives to work to achieve in government.


The Green Party has big, bold ideas to create a confident and caring Britain that we can all be proud of. We aren’t afraid to hope for a better future or to be honest about how we get there. We believe in being brave, in speaking our minds, and in standing up for what matters. We are proud to do politics differently.

Elected Greens will work to:

> Save the environment 
> Green our land 
> Protect animal life 
> Challenge privilege
> End discrimination
> Champion international friendships
> Liberate our working lives
> Unleash our creative power
> Embed collective kindness in our society
> Deliver quality of life for all


Imagine a government that trusts in our common humanity and our capacity to govern ourselves. Imagine a government that believes that the best way forward is by working with each other, rather than against each other. Imagine a government that prioritises the rights of citizens and the environment over those of corporations. Imagine a government that gives everyone a chance and leaves nobody behind in a confident and caring Britain. That’s the kind of government we would work for.

Please browse this site to discover more about us and our Party.


Promoted by Stafford & Stone Green Party at 34 North Castle St, Stafford ST16 2EH

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