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05 August 2022

Stafford Green Councillor calls for financial support to local authorities to help Ukrainian refugees

30 July 2022

Stafford Borough Council congratulates the many residents who have shown their support for the people of Ukraine and places on record the Council's support for Ukraine and its people. In particular, we thank those who have organised collections of food, clothing and money to help those fleeing the war.

We must go further on buses, say Greens

16 July 2022

Responding to government plans to cap single bus fares in England at £2 this winter [1], Greens are calling for massive public investment to provide a “genuine bus revolution” which would mean everybody had access to an expanded and high frequency bus network.

Local Action Against The Health Care Bill

28 May 2022

Want to do something today to help save the NHS? Here’s something that need only take a few minutes but can make a huge difference.

Greens call for investment plan for local authorities to insulate and upgrade millions of homes

23 April 2022

A £250 billion investment plan for local authorities is needed to insulate and upgrade 10 million homes. This is the key demand of Greens ahead of next month’s local elections and as households face a cost of living crisis.

Greens to invest in public transport and cycling revolution

16 April 2022

Green Party councillors will prioritise funding public transport as well as cycling and walking infrastructure if elected in the local elections.

All adults should have access to free social care

08 April 2022

The Green Party has pledged to campaign for fully funded social care for all adults, which would put social care on a par with the NHS.

Greens plan to create thousands of jobs through retrofit revolution

03 April 2022

The Green Party has called for a massive programme to create secure, well-paid jobs by insulating thousands of homes

Greens call on government to allow councils to help Ukrainian refugees

25 March 2022

Green Party/Green councillors have called on the government to provide local authorities with the funds necessary to be able to provide Ukrainian refugees with proper support.

Councillor Report - March 2022

25 March 2022

Motion re divestment of fossil fuels Housing Plus Group Community Panel – Climate Change Planning applications

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